Be Nice To Yourself or Die

I’m feeling very introspective lately. Doing quite a bit of reflection. Gathering up the fruits of my labors over the last four years. Licking my wounds. Remembering to breathe and give and let go.

It certainly feels like I’ve come to the end of something. And in the way of things, like I’ve come to a big precipitous beginning in the same moment.

The past four years have been about saying goodbye to many things. Now it’s time to start saying hello. And somehow that feels even harder. Which is quite unbelievable from where I’m standing.

And like many before me, I’m turning back here, at the place where the last of the old me resides and first glimmers of what can be are just barely glimmering on the horizon to offer what I have to those who are still trudging up a hill.

Be nice to yourself or die.

It’s that simple.

As Matt Hines sings, ‘maybe it’ll find you lying peaceful under blankets, or bleeding at the bottom of the stairs.”

But the shiniest brightest thought still left in my pockets after shedding a me that used to be is this bit of wisdom.

Be nice to yourself or die.

That’s what will happen if you continue to do the things that you do so that you won’t feel the stuff that you feel.

That’s what will happen if you keep up those completely asinine coping mechanisms that don’t work anyway.

That’s what will happen if you keep believing the voice that whispers the scary stuff, that tells you to hide, that says it will never work.

Somehow that will be where you end up.

And, yes. You are saying that it’s going to happen anyway you say.

And you are right.


When it happens only two things will matter.

How well did I love?


How well was I loved?

And let me condense down the message of all of the greatest teachings in the world here for you:

Love begins inside you.

You get what you give.

So, give yourself the gift of love.

And let that gift ripple outward to change your whole experience.

Start small and keep going.

When you fall, pick yourself us, dust yourself off and try again.

Drink more water, get more sleep, smile more at strangers.

Give away what you do not need.

Listen to those who are different than you.

Listen to those who are the same.

Eat good food and work on eliminating guilt.

Move your body and share your story.

Be nice to yourself, then go be nice to others.

Just, love.

The power to change is completely in your own hands and head and heart.

When you aren’t sure what to do next, ask yourself ‘what would love do?’

Then do that.

What does that look like for you?

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