Jumper skill: Focus

That’s where the joy is.

In a moment fully examined, completely consumed.

Today is a new day.

Right now is a new right now.

This second belongs to you.

And this one, and this one.

New journeys start with a single step, an intake, an exhale.

Every day, every moment, every breath can be claimed for love. And re-claimed.

The invisible barrier between our true selves and the one we have built is one that we alone create, maintain and honor. And it can be shattered in an instant.

I have been hurt, as we all have, but I am committed to picking up each and every little rock and looking underneath until I find my way back to the light from which I came and to which I will return.

You can do this too.

No one meant to hurt me. Nor you.

Everyone was fighting to manage their own monsters and in so doing, and failing, sometimes we experienced a painful recourse for their actions.

We have done the same to others.

To many, many others.

And the not knowing is very scary. This moment is here, but the next is yet to be formed. What will it bring? Will we survive?

The fear of uncertainty is the bright shiny penny slightly off my path that haunts me and keeps pulling our sight away from what matters. It pulls off the path into distraction, into want, into the out.

But a breath can bring us back to the in.

One after another after another after another. Over and over and over again.

That’s where the joy is.

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