Jumper Skill: Trust yourself

Dude. You’re going to have to decide that you are going to believe in your own wisdom. Check in with your own self when it’s time to make a choice or pick a direction.

Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Isn’t that the destination?

The whole point of EVERYTHING is to get to the point where in all things you trust yourself.

You gotta figure out where you hear best though. Is it in yoga class, the shower, the car, the woods? Take note when you find yourself suddenly able to hear that still small voice. The one that you can just tell is the real one. Go back to those places and do those things and commit to listening as well as you can as often as you can.

And, yes, you have to be consistent and ruthless but you have to at the same time be loving and gentle in the uncovering of that voice. You can neither let yourself stagnate mere inches from the next breakthrough, nor can you contort yourself enough to ever fully fit into the wrong situation. And the truth is that you’ll know. The voice won’t let you down. But you’ve got to do your part.

You must press on.

You must listen.

You must believe.

And you must do it over and over.

You can do this.

Of course you can.

You know that!


When you fall away and forget and fumble the ball… what then?

When the other voices, the ones that pull you down and lead you astray, show up.

You have to listen to those too.

What are those other voices actually saying?

Therein lies the work.


Listen to those voices.

They will say angry shit, and terrified shit and embarrassed shit and shit that sounds like crazy shit.

And each time you have you have one of those thoughts you say, “But what if…” and you give an alternative.

For example:

“My marriage is over.” Is your thought. You reframe and say “But what if this ending has a purpose?.”

“I have no money.” Is your thought. You reframe and say “But what if there is a lesson in having less?”

“I wish I was different in x or y or z”. Is your thought. You reframe and say, “But what if I just change my mind?”

All you need is the hint of the possibility of something different. With practice it can make a huge difference.

It will take dedication, and forgiveness when you forget, but those voices, the ones that feel rather frantic, the ones that cause you to clench … those voices will not bear up under the relentless assault of ‘what if. Because therein lies the unknown.

And that can be anything. Anything at all.

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