Jumper Skill: Wonder

Jumper Skill: Find the Wonder

Sometimes I think that one of the biggest changes that happens to us as we grow up is that we start wondering a whole lot less.

When you are a kid you go around wondering all the darn time.

Because you know jack shit.

And so there you go, wondering all over the place and learning a whole lot. Some of it’s really cool and a lot of fun. Some of it is shit you wish afterwards you didn’t have to know.

But you can’t unlearn something you’ve learned and that’s something you learn pretty quick.

Though I do think you can change the way you think about the stuff you learn. I mean, you can take something that you don’t like and find something good in it if the whole concept of change doesn’t scare you.

And now that I write that I sort of think that that might be the ‘work of life’ in a nutshell.

But, I digress.

When we are young we spend a lot of time in the realm of ‘what if’… and that’s a beautiful place to be because we are the creators of it, and we can come up with some pretty amazing stuff. But we keep getting older, and we keep learning new things and we keep doing the work of assimilating those new things and adding new layers to ourselves as we go to accommodate it all.

And wonder can get covered up. The metaphorical laundry pile of your thoughts and responsibilities to others literally always ends up laying right on top of your wonder. It’s one of those laws of physics that hasn’t been discovered yet. I’m pretty sure.

The real irony is that wonder, which is really just the realm of infinite possibilities, is like the best tool you have for creating a new reality when you find yourself in one that is not to your liking.

When you were a kid there were so many other factors you couldn’t control and so maybe you didn’t make the connection between wonder and creation, and that’s okay. You aren’t a kid anymore and you are the captain of the ship. You go where you want to go and that’s the truth. And if you don’t know that yet, start there.

One way to give your wonder a jumpstart is to hang out with some kids. But you have to really get into their weirdness, so it might take a while. I think that’s true whether they are your own children or not. But then when they start talking and reminding you of how it feels to spend that much time wondering, you start to get that curious feeling, the one that always takes you to a completely new thing. And who doesn’t want more of that?

So, that’s why I think wondering is definitely a jumper skill. At any rate, it’s a great place to start. When where you are isn’t where you want to be, spend some time in wonder. Notice in it others. Reach out for it especially when you think you know all the answers. Because that’s when you need it most.  If you can’t imagine how things can be different, how can you ever make it so?

Wondering is like the gas in the car that you’ll drive right outta the place that ain’t working.

Because you gotta see where you are going before you can get there.




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